Quality Control System for Ultrasound Imager (introduction)

The quality control of imager is based on ability of artificial cyst detection. If the artificial cyst in the phantom of known size and depth is visible, than the real cyst in the living tissue under adequate conditions (same size and same depth) have to be also visible. Exception can be if the tissue is strong inhomogeneous and doesn’t correspond to the phantom material. Such tissue produce the side lobes and drastically reduce the signal to noise ratio (SNR).

The SNR will be calculated quantitatively and checked visually in C-image. The C-image deliver simultaneously the information of azimuthal and elevational resolution, which can be presented as tree gray levels cross sections. The same cross section can be used as control of saturation in given dynamic range.

Calculated SNR can be properly done if inside of gray level window (0-255) the saturation doesn’t take place.

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3D Carotid scan adapter

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3D Orthopaedics scan adapter

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3D Opthalmic scan adapter

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3D Breast scan adapter

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